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Nocturne (2024)

for chamber carillon, piano and percussion 

commissioned as compulsory work for Queen Fabiola International Carillon Competition 2024

performance: 13-14 June 2024

Fantasia 'the White Middle Sea' (2024)

for piano

(recording scheduled November 2024)

Palestina Echoes (2023-24)

for piano

(recording scheduled November 2024)

Motema (2023)

(with Junior Akwety)

commissioned by Zonzo Compagnie for 'Hip Hub Installation'

Nomadic Cycle (2021-22)

24 preludes for piano

N° 20 'Vertigo' commissioned by Museum Vleeshuis

1] Prelude in Db major: Atomic Circles
2] Prelude in B minor: Berlin
3] Prelude in A minor: Praga
4] Prelude in E minor: La Grande Bellezza

5] Prelude in D major: Leipzig

6] Prelude in E major: Île du Couchant (al-Maghrib)

7] Prelude in Bb minor: Bruxelles
8] Prelude in F# minor: Anvers
9] Prelude in A major: Paris

10] Prelude in C major: Vienna
11] Prelude in G# minor: Über dem Nebelmeer

12] Prelude in B major: Genève
13] Prelude in Eb major: New York
14] Prelude in Ab major: Wonder Wheel
15] Prelude in C# minor: Der Zauberberg
16] Prelude in G major: Napoli
17] Prelude in F# major: London
18] Prelude in Eb minor: Nuit Étoilée
19] Prelude in G minor: Damascus
20] Prelude in F minor: Vertigo
21] Preludes in Bb major: Clouds
22] Prelude in C minor: Weimar
23] Prelude in F major: Moscow
24] Prelude in D minor: Kinshasa

Heavenly Creatures (2022)

for carillon 

commissioned by the City of Antwerp for DAKkan festival 

  1. Spring (The Azure Dragon of the East)

  2. Summer (The Vermilion Bird of the South)

  3. Autumn (The White tiger of the West)

  4. Winter (The Black Tortoise of the North)

La Folia Meditteranea (2020)

variations on the theme 'la Folia'

for klavichord

Congo Echoes (2020)

for piano 

  1. Minuit

  2. Elima

  3. Molimo

  4. Masques

  5. Toi et moi

  6. Silhouette(s)